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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rat Maze [Today's News Poem, February 27, 2011]

Rat Maze [Today's News Poem, February 27, 2011]

Over capacity, under the freeway,
Next to the tower of smog—yes the thunder's
Alive, not like Thor, but like eyes that observe
The mazes of pageantry, splendor of rats.
Wedged in a corner of pavement; the rodents
Halve and are mice, halve and are newborns—
Divide to the zygote, to ova and sperm.
Repeating division, the dead are reborn,
Branching through time as the life-form imagines,
Mates and then dies, is reborn in the fragments:
Cast origami of proteins unfolding
Building a lattice of mazes just like it.

"... there are warning signs that China could soon suffer from the same overcapacity that has long afflicted the United States and Europe. Half of the executives surveyed by KPMG, the accounting firm, believe that China will have too many automotive plants within five years, according to a study that KPMG published in January."
—JACK EWING, The New York Times, February 27, 2011

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