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Sunday, February 27, 2011

11.5 More Hours of Combatwords

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a rubber kick
my hands shattering"

RToady/Seann McCollum
"saguaro phalluses ablaze with blossom,
clumps of opuntia best approached with caution."

"my lover sent me an irate message. His family read my online journal and confronted him regarding our relationship. They were concerned because I practiced magick and openly discussed birth control."

Anton Gourman
"Five tables stood in line
Small candles flickering Morse promises
of future greatness and the perfection of the moment,
casting shadows of time on
the crayfish, cheese, bread and the paper plates,
which were ready to lose their innocence for our pleasure"

Naomi McArdle
"And yet, we're bound by
invisible blood-brother rites,
the ink of life that decrees
in small-print clauses and codicils
the benefactors of emotional wealth
on a pre-mortem testament."

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