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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nominate @toylitpaper for a Shorty Award in #Poetry


You've got 99 problems, but News Poetry ain't 1.
You're saving your money for the Toylit 2010 Report and this is how you're going to thank me in the meantime.
Because you think it's hilarious to throw a dog a bone.
You recognize my authority as a deacon of evil and the power of Satan compels you.
You don't want some hack to win and gloat about it.
You've been waiting for the chance to use Twitter to do something useful.
You genuinely enjoy Toylit.

1) Copy: I nominate @toylitpaper for a Shorty Award in #poetry because...
2) Finish the sentence.
3) Paste to [LINE REDACTED]

Greed Incentive: If I win, I'll make the Q1/Q2 report free to download.
Guilt Incentive: I'm already working on a free book for you.

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