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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Daily News Poem is One Year Old and Looks as Ugly as its Dad

I want to allocate more writing time to other projects, but I enjoy writing the daily News Poem. I hope that it defrags your mental hard drive as much as it does mine. Exploring the news through poetry has become a way for me to examine my own prejudices and false consciousness, because poetry is the core of my being and news is something grafted on to that like some prosthetic. It's a meta-narrative that probes for vulnerable parts of one's psyche and exploits them for the sake of its wielder. Personally, I'm stunned how much bullshit I accepted--if only because new bullshit is predicated upon old bullshit. So for me, the news poem serves as an anti-Medusa mirror or a laser-pen I can shine at the black helicopters. So I'll see how long I can sustain this. Running Toylit is enervating. Not just the writing, but also the promotions and associated performance art. It's probably not worth all this effort, but I'm a writer which means that I already don't have a practical bent of mind.

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