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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Shitheads in Yogurt Land [#twitterfoundpoem, September 4, 2010]

Shitheads in Yogurt Land [#twitterfoundpoem, September 4, 2010]

where there's shithead, there are shitheads.
are You a shithead? Perish the thought. Ah ha ha.
this is a shithead-free zone!!!
It's funny how the parish council
can be undone with a shithead
so imma cherish this Yogurt land
before the council of shitheads
pollutes the parish and drowns us with others.
weeds dont perish and shit never drowns!
the Sun is a fraud: take note, take note.
a shithead got in and The end is near.
hold on to Yogurt land if u can.
The shitheads got in mine.

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