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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Poseidon Love-Detector [Today's News Poem, September 4, 2010]

Poseidon Love-Detector [Today's News Poem, September 4, 2010]

The mooring has loosened. The vessel is drifting away,
Lost to the climate: a vortex that tests what we'll do
When rigging unknots and Poseidon enlists all the gods.
Tossed by the ocean and blinded by raindrops I watch
Your boat as it welcomes the grip of the swells, so I leap
Into the water and tackle indifferent lines
And gather the tether that kept us together 'till now.
Din all around; castanets in the clouds—I can't hear
Your words though I know what you're shouting: the opposite thing
That you mean. You are screaming, 'just stay on the shore,'
But my brother I'll drown in a riptide and feed
All the crabs with my eyes—the survivors of hunts
With my net on their pier. They have grown in that time
From the undersized runts to the masters of tide.
You are lost and I've lost you already—we're finished.

“Hurricane Earl made landfall in Canada on Saturday and fizzled after a series of scares along the U.S. East Coast, flooding roads, felling trees and cutting power to tens of thousands in the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia. One man died in the Halifax region after he swam into rough waters to secure a boat that had come loose from its mooring. He drowned while attempting to swim back to shore.”
– REUTERS, 6:19 p.m. ET

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1 comment:

Nay said...

I like this a lot. I know it's not supposed to mean anything except the notion you had when writing it but it's interesting to note that when reading, the brain works two ways - picks up the obvious signifiers of storms, tempests and destruction and then translates that to a relative meaning that applies to an emotional state. How it works for me anyway.