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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

COST ANALYSIS [Repost of May 10, 2010 Guest News Poem, by Jeff Chon]

COST ANALYSIS [Guest News Poem, May 10, 2010]
Jeff Chon

How would you feel if I told
you it costs the company

six hundred dollars a week
to walk with my red vest and

PDT holstered, to pace
across scuffed linoleum,

with thirty two watts of
fluorescent tubing washing

my skin a starchy gray, with
Careless Whisper piping through

the speakers, to chase you through
sliding doors, the parking lot,

to tackle you, restrain you,
choke you out, my keys jangling,

huffing and puffing over
a five buck tube of toothpaste?


Go to Chonsense for more Jeff Chon links. Jeff also edits vis a tergo.

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