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Sunday, April 18, 2010 Has the Heart of an Out-of-Town Chicken Has the Heart of an Out-of-Town Chicken

I posted Manifesto of a Militant Vegan Bio-Engineer yesterday on after first reading a link on sfgate. I did so because, 1) The article didn't ask the most interesting question. 2) They're 'mission locals' right? So in theory, they should be supportive of truly local activities, like poetry, right? Of course they aren't.

I'm so silly—what was I thinking? Website comments are supposed to be vapid and always supportive. Here is their comment policy/mission-statement: “You are free to make a comment, but do not make a dangerous comment. Do not question why we feel the need to write about people who want to rescue everything. Do not mock eating! It's what we do in the Mission! We moved to town to eat this city up and shit our hipster good-taste all over you yokels! If your verse was truly local, we would have found it!”

This is an anecdote about the power of words. If comments were so meaningless, mission-so-called-local wouldn't have put the option on their site. They wouldn't moderate the comments to permit cloying posts like this: "This is so sweet!!! Thank U and bless those people with love and tender heart to other creatures..." because such comments themselves are essentially meaningless beyond sentiment. Most webmasters censor to manage their 'brand' in the name of 'signal-noise' ratios, but there are no signal-noise ratio issues on their site worth managing. My verse had no profanity, it was relevant to the topic, it was well cited; so I conclude they belong in the coop along with the other chickens in this story. They fear the poem outdoes their story and they are correct. And this fear is a scarlet letter: 'C' and it belongs left of center, on their chests.

ps: It's interesting to note that sfgate, for all its problems (censorship and otherwise), still let me post the poem on their site. Evil Hearst is more local than missionlocals? Noooooooooooo!

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Khakjaan Wessington said...

"Posted April 18, 2010 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

Khakjaan: We didn’t delete any sonnets and welcome them. If there was any inappropriate-at least for a news’ site — language, then it would not have appeared. Best, Lydia"

This is absolutely not true. Must I make a habit of screen-printing every website I visit, before I post a comment? I don't care if it was auto-deleted either--who lets a program make speech decisions anyhow? Especially when the speech targets... well you know, readers--as opposed to robots.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

See how many micro-memory holes exist on the internet? People are already letting software mediate their reading choices. Turns out missionlocal uses a program that filters-out comments with certain traits. In the name of 'spam management.' What bs! They really do it because they fear that their traffic might get siphoned-off their site.

The more we make countermeasures against robotic speech, the more human speech is censored by robots. This is fucking foolish!