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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happily Ever After Epistle [News Poem, April 18, 2010]

Happily Ever After Epistle [News Poem, April 18, 2010]
“The team discovered that in the deep, rarity is common.”
– Frank Pope, The Times Online, April 19, 2010
“Spam levels have remained resolutely stable despite recent botnet takedowns, according to a survey from Google's email filtering business... The Google spam filtering division concludes that going after botnets is no more effective than the previous tactic of targeting rogue ISPs. The takedown of rogue ISP 3FN bought a temporary respite from the spam deluge for about a month. However, after Real Host, another ISP, was taken out months later spam volumes recovered after only two days. The marked difference was due to use of improved disaster recovery approaches by cybercriminals. ”
– John Leyden, The Register, 18th April 2010 04:17 GMT

“I saw you talking with a guy,
But here's my pic. We share at least
A ninety six percent—no lie—
I know it's fast, but call a priest?”

“Before I say 'I do,' you need
To cut that hair and watch this clip—
You done? You loved it? What's the creed?
Let's marry on a rocket ship!”

The profiles never lie—at most
They get it wrong; but who's to care?
Online, the databases host
The mind, the body's just hardware.

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