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Monday, April 26, 2010

Dancing to the Tune of the Profit-Bot [News Poem April 26, 2010]

Dancing to the Tune of the Profit-Bot [News Poem April 26, 2010]

“San Mateo County sheriff's deputies searched the home of Gizmodo blogger Jason Chen, who created an online sensation among Apple Inc. fans when he posted extensive information about a lost iPhone prototype, according to a message Monday on the site.”
– David Sarno, Los Angeles Times April 26, 2010,0,5272705.story

The sublime, the obsessed: the fools we became
As we searched for the prototype to explain
The recitals of faith in gizmos we claim
Are the pathways to godliness and not pain.

And we found it inside a bar near the work
Where computers designed the future for all—
With the oracle left on table: where quirks
Of tomorrow were swiped for sake of the thralls.

With some features we lacked, we'd pay for the chance
To pretend we were robots churning along
To the ring in the tone. As servants we dance
At the ball of the lords that features a song

We adore—it's the ration we crave
As we wait for the day when we save
And transmute into prophets from slaves:
But for now let's not make any waves.

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