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Monday, March 08, 2010

Human Amongst the Androids [Today's News Poem, March 8, 2010]

Human Amongst the Androids [Today's News Poem, March 8, 2010]

“Some witnesses said villagers were caught in fishing nets and animal traps as they tried to escape and were then hacked to death. Mud huts were also set on fire. ”
–, BBC; 21:47 GMT, Monday, 8 March 2010

“Google dominates online search, and is apparently eager to extend its reach to the other main screen in most homes.”
--Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired, March 8, 2010

Psychotic beast, now obsolete
And rare enough (despite its threat)
To wander free amidst the feet
Of working beings; as if a pet—

Amongst the cubicles of gray;
Beneath a lightbulb sun of white;
Above the dirt of black decay:
In oubliettes, the glass bends light—

Psychotic beast, a rarity
Inside the gears of stone and flesh:
Do wild desires give verity
To self, though greed might tear the mesh

Of self-restraint we prize so much?
And as a beast can you admire
A thing you cannot feel, nor touch?
At six you set your home on fire

And threw your father's phone inside
To burn. You said you hoped you'd die
Before you let some bells decide
For you to go; to laugh or cry,

To sit and type, or tuck babes in.
You said you'd rather die than work
Like ants. You said we lived in sin.
Remember? Said we're robot clerks

With ISPs for synapse links?
You said these things, we don't forget
(We are a hive, a world that thinks):
We live—we thrive, you lost that bet.

And now we'll scratch beneath your chin,
And pour a dish of cream for you
Before the work of endless win
Consumes us (it is never through).

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1 comment:

rToady said...

I really like this one, maybe because it's less dense than most of your pieces. I would consider removing the parentheses in the last line and making the words contained within a separate sentence instead; the parentheses soften the end too much