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Friday, March 26, 2010

Garden of Eaten [Both Parts, Today's News Poem, March 26, 2010]

Garden of Eaten [Today's News Poem, March 26, 2010]
“Obama administration officials on Friday ramped up their attempts to help struggling homeowners, announcing major changes to the government's much-criticized $75-billion program to modify mortgages to avoid foreclosures.”
--By Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times, March 26, 2010 | 10:08 a.m.,0,6966492.story

In a room of one's own
Close to all agitprop,
With an equity loan
All the assets will pop.

Up in value they soared
As the experts declared
That the value was stored
In diplomas they bared.

On computers all day—
All those hours inside—
I was shut in at play
While the wilderness died.

And I loved to fear death,
And enjoyed the cruel mist;
Does she still pass through breath?
Are her savages missed?

I'm already entombed
In a casing of spires:
While economies boom
My dear nature expires.


Who stumbles up the snowy mountain, drunk?
Who starts in afternoon?
Who leaves his flashlight on the bedroom trunk
While seeking nature's boon?

And sweating on a cliff of hardened ice
Accepting death by chill;
Who praises deadly peaks and winter's slice,
When storms deplete his will?

In darkness we're conceived—in dark, I slouched.
And blind, I reached the room
Upon a peak of blizzard--shelter-couched--
Inside a wooden womb.

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