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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Write Anti-News for Toylit

Anti-News is still an evolving concept, but Toylit has a fairly unified aesthetic. I welcome submissions, but require a query and abstract with 24 hour notice. Violators of this guide will have their e-mail addresses migrated to the spamfilter (memoryhole3.0). Compositions must be literary in nature: non-fiction and essays will be considered on a case by case basis, but don't abuse this or I'll just make it by invite only. Compositions must respond to existing news; it can occur, it can recur, but it must be 'news.' Authors retain all rights, with Toylit acquiring non-exclusive serial rights.

Toylit will also pay you, but I'm not going to make any firm guide as income will be derived primarily from print editions. I ENCOURAGE inspired, but flawed submissions, as the author will have an opportunity to edit a composition before the print edition goes out: especially as writing literature on a clock is difficult.

Eventually, I will figure out how to track submissions. At that point I will implement a blind-read policy. Until that time comes, I will probably find out who submitted what to me--and hence, will be a (more) biased editor.

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spacedlaw said...

I'll send you something
I'll send it via brainwave
(it's green, it's cheap)
(too bad about headaches)
You are not mentioning
An email address.