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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Toylit v3.01; February 3, 2010 Edition

"This limited edition, Feb 3, 2010 print edition of Toylit includes edits made on February 3, 2010. Of note are the revisions to Haitian Fright Song and Global Village. After a run of a few hundred (or less, market forces depending), it will be discontinued, rendering all print editions collector's items. This is your one chance to purchase Feb 3, 2010's edit of Toylit."

Haitian Fright Song was rewritten to completely keep the theme-rhythm of Mingus' fabulous Haitian Fight Song. The original was probably the worst of the original Toylit News poems, but the revision is one of the best. The other contender for that is the sly revision of "Global Village,' which is a far more cunning poem than what was posted here.

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