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Friday, February 12, 2010

New Feature. Toylit Taste: A Refreshing Drink From the Porcelain Throne

Enemies of distaste, rejoice, for Brad Neely (more likely his operatives) has reactivated Creased Comics.

Why should you be excited by such a hive of villany and brain-shoes? Because Kenny Winker knows how to cook.

Because you can burn your house, it's okay to go crazy.

Because being aggressive separates fail from win.

Would you like to know more about Cat People? Brain Fucklers? Secret Wizards? Loving Dead Women? Need to understand America now?

So there. Go fuck your head up and then come back here for refreshments when you're done. I'll see how long I can keep you folks entertained this evening (we'll see if I can cook up another News Poem today).

Warning: Rated Arr!

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