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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Nazis Won [Today's News Poem, Feb 12, 2010]

The Nazis Won [Today's News Poem, Feb 12, 2010]
Khakjaan Wessington

“For the second time in less than five weeks, China’s central bank has moved to limit lending to consumers and businesses by ordering big commercial banks to park a larger share of their deposits at the central bank. The step, announced late Friday, came earlier than most economists had expected and was aimed at forestalling a rekindling of inflation by controlling a rapid expansion in bank loans. Families, real estate developers and industrial companies have been borrowing heavily and have started paying more for everything from food to apartments.”

The dictionary's buttressed—scholars, publishers,
And interests determine how its read, applied
And otherwise abused—despite how language-roots
Grow deep within the common use. These thought-fissures
We see in words like 'Fascism:' it's oft denied
In case right here. America has tax jackboots

And threats of killer debts because the contractors
Can cover loans by governmental guarantee
Of pay: they borrow all the cash—we can't compete.
Who risks on tiny business? Nuclear-reactors
Will generate a yield for sure, the bourgeoisie
Are safer allocations unlike most main-streets.

Main Street: a flow of cars—of bars, electric wires.
To squash the meats without a shell; to keep the thieves
Away from Mine, to burn the birds to death: with tires
Or current, desperation sells: it hurts, it weaves

The means to close the deal: the cars will sell,
And suicide's against the law, so profits swell
At burger joints that own this land: don't call it hell.

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