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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Added links to other original writing

Strawberry Press is Toylit's New York City doppleganger. I do poetry--he does prose. Both were distributed by hand through their respective cities. I respect this guy and think he's a great writer.

WoundedScavengers is a showcase for an astonishing talent. Maybe twenty hours worth of writing is on there to read: you can spend the whole week reading it while you're pretending to work.

Onyxsupersonics is someone I've known online for a while. A theme there is developing, but I know the guy can write.

So when you're done with the news poems, these sites ought to have regularly updated material for you to read. That's all for now.

I added some more links, but I'm not going to call them all out. Just poke around.

--Subcommander Wessington

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