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Monday, March 14, 2011

Final Garfield Strip: The Censored Original! (And Announcements Enclosed)

Shocking, isn't it? But the redacted original is even more stunning and hints at a tantalizing thesis that demands further investigation:

We have a guest News Poem by the talented & e-lovely fellow (didn't check the Megan's Law registry for Florida, but since he doesn't seem to live under a freeway [at least according to his pics], I think he's okay...) Mark Kerstetter. I'm really fond of the guy. He doesn't meet your context, he makes you enter his context. He's a huge idea-cloud full of symbols and images and artistic torsion. Go to his page to more carefully examine his artistic vision.

Are you being a cheap bastard? Yes you are! Buy my book, or click an ad. Otherwise it starts with you bullying me and it ends like this:

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1 comment:

Mark Kerstetter said...

I'm certain my context is in that bowl somewhere....Don't worry, eat up and we'll find it.