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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Divine Qubit [Today's News Poem, March 24, 2011]

Divine Qubit [Today's News Poem, March 24, 2011]

If you can imagine it, then somewhere it's real
In the possible universe, possible worlds.
For I have converted your whim to a poem:
A possible verse for a plausible outcome.
You are looking for God, or you wouldn't read poems;
I looked for it too, then I lost and recovered my faith
In the faithless.

                      The opposites reconcile.
God must exist, so you claim—I've destroyed it.
God is forever you claim—time's illusion.
God is a feeling of faith—what then is faithlessness?
I have combined them together and claim I'm Creator,
Who will stop me? An explosion? An earthquake?
A pack of dogs, swarm of bees or mob of men?
Priests who've embalmed all the possible life
In their certainly death? Or a hymn?
Will the chorus protect you when magma erupts?

The two halves are the whole; God is dead,
You revived it. I freeze time; you have moved it.
I lose faith; you possess it.
The qubits of heaven exist,
It surrounds this intelligent structure—it must,
Yet it's elsewhere. You say I'm a deist, I'm not;
For I'm certain that everything-possible-everywhere God
Is the set that subsumes both existence and non;
Has a planet called Heaven, another called Earth—
And all of them happier, all of them worse
Than this jaw of expansion;
The universe opens its maw—it's a smile.

"When Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara called the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan tembatsu -- or "divine judgment" -- he expressed a kind of theological cause and effect shared by nearly 40 percent of Americans."
—Lauren Green,, Published March 24, 2011

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