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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cannibalizing the Giant [Today's News Poem, March 15, 2011]

Cannibalizing the Giant [Today's News Poem, March 15, 2011]

All the ruling beasts align together:
Canis and Catus; Homo and Capra.
Each imagines self in starry patterns,
Fixed in perspective: parallax shiftless.
Stars like these consume a billion comets,
Chlorophyll feeds on waves—radiation.
Mammoths ate the leaves and haunted paintings:
Apes with their spears on tundra surround them.
Lonely giants trumpet loss, extinction.
Only their bones outlast our worshiping.
Hurtle, herd the herds, as herd of herders:
Mineral, vegetable, cannibal
Eating their own; in the end, eating self.

"Australian student Casey Heynes became the latest YouTube sensation—and unofficial anti-bullying PSA posterboy—when he was captured on video bodyslamming a bully that had hit him in the face."
—Brad Cohen, Sports Grid, 3:47 pm, March 14th, 2011

Bully FAIL w/ Commentary from John Morgan on Vimeo.

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