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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Media Pie [Today's News Poem, February 8, 2011]

Media Pie [Today's News Poem, February 8, 2011]

Nobody cares for the topic, they care for the tone.
Everything's easy—as tasty as pie—just as healthy.
Sugar and blindness? Not sweets, it's the eye. Blame the eye,
Blame the inadequate tongue, not dessert nor the baker.
Even the arteries carry some blame—they are weak.
Butter's ambitious and no, it's not deadly, the body
Dies and is deadly, but butter's from udders, not Death.
Likewise the heart seems to fail the best pastries and dinners,
Grateful for seizure, and buried—dessert for a shroud.

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dustus said...

Tone trumps content far too often in reporting. A"tasty pie" corrodes aortal walls as the pageantry of so-called news seems to numb many to Pavlovian drooling.

Beachanny said...

Tone in sound bites - tidbits of buttery goodness - no depth and no sustenance. Nice metaphor with truth. Well done. Gay @beachanny

Brian Miller said... you say it will determine the message that is recieved...keep it nice and sweat and they will smile as you tell them off...ha.