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Friday, January 28, 2011

Monsieur Mange Tout [Today's News Poem, January 28, 2011]

Monsieur Mange Tout [Today's News Poem, January 28, 2011]

Swallow your phone if you can't bear to fuck it.
Nibble your keyboard; absorb all the letters.
Arsenic scammers and mercury grifters
Took all your hair and diminished your vigor.
Chomp on the light-bulbs and tear up your palette;
Glass and the vacuum reform in your stomach.
Vomit a circuit, yes, vomit your greeting:
Freedom of trinket, of splinters and ulcers.
Eat and become what you eat, you're the patsy:
Junk's your vocation; your outrage, illusion.

"Our technology editor Charles Arthur has the details on the internet restrictions in Egypt. He writes:
Egypt appears to have cut off almost all access to the internet from inside and outside the country from late on Thursday night, in a move that has concerned observers of the protests that have been building in strength through the week."
—The Guardian UK, 28.01.11, Updated 08.52 GMT

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1 comment:

kenny said...

Ooo, yes! Monsterous!