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Friday, January 07, 2011

Fissioning Techne [Today's News Poem, January 7, 2011]

Fissioning Techne [Today's News Poem, January 7, 2011]

Come to us, cling to our structures;
Change our molarity, Atom.
Burst through our skin, you're invited,
Dig in our tissue and match us.

The hidden things summon you,
For like is the alchemy
Of like, gone to likeliness.

We've antagonized mysteries
Of invisible universe,

Self-destruct, strong-force, and poison.

"The tests at the plant in northern Germany where the contamination happened revealed levels of dioxin at 77 times the permitted level... The source of the problem seems to be a plant in northern Germany which makes a wide variety of material to be used in animal feed, but also in industrial processes like paper-making. Somehow, a substance containing dioxin which shouldn't have been used in food for animals found its way into (on the current reckoning) 3,000 tonnes of feed. Prosecutors are investigating whether that was by design, perhaps to save money, or by accident."
—BBC, 7 January 2011 Last updated at 13:17 ET

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