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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tomb Bunker [Today's News Poem, December 27, 2010]

Tomb Bunker [Today's News Poem, December 27, 2010]

Look to the sky for examples in nature:
Air does not stay in one place—it's in motion.
If the bedrock is moving, then who shall you blame?
It is lava, a magnet; a torsion of clay.
Appearance is constant, reliable instant.
You notice combustion, but never the burning.
Admire all this fury while warm in your kitchen,
And freeze it—you tame each progression, each nomad;
Serving them brisket—you bathe them with comfort.
Swaddle the furious, bless them with blankets:
You are waiting out flux, your position's supplied
And you'll sleep through this winter, spend summer inside.

"The coastal Massachuestts town of Scituate was in the bull's eye of the East Coast blizzard, hammered with snow, rain, flooding, evacuations and fires."
—OLIVIA KATRANDJIAN, ABC News, Dec. 27, 2010

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