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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prepare For The Second Burning [Today's News Poem, December 19, 2010]

Prepare For The Second Burning [Today's News Poem, December 19, 2010]

This slippery vineyard—the rocks aren't much help.
Wine has me stumbling here on vacation.
The asparagus: famously black and brown.
The grapes bear a whiff of the crudest vintage:
Terroir of fossil, it's servo lubricant.
They say drunkenness never prospers; I'm proof
They're wrong—I'm one hundred proof. My combustion
Wilts what should die; inferior specimens
That will bury corn, stalk and chaff in the fume
To dream of afterlife burning again and
Burning now and exhaustion forever more.

"Oil industry estimates claim that there are between 50 billion and 200 billion barrels of oil trapped in shale rock more than a mile below the surface, in an 87,000-square-mile geological formation known as the Paris Basin."
—Anita Elash, The Christian Science Monitor, December 17, 2010

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1 comment:

Onyx Supersonics said...

i wonder if gas/oil can ever get expensive enough to cost out 'deep soils' or 'deep shale' or 'fracking' or whatever they're calling it this week. western culture would change first. did you see how the saudis freaked out when gas prices broke $4 and were heading toward $5? they knew that americans would have to start serious conservation efforts so they flooded the market to lower the price. they've got another 100 years of oil they can do that with in order to keep demand high (and conservation efforts down). this is more about the article than the poem.