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Monday, November 08, 2010

Thank You! Drive Thru! [#twitterfoundpoem, November 8, 2010]

Thank You! Drive Thru! [#twitterfoundpoem, November 8, 2010]

I've seen trouble at the drive thru, all my days.
I had to adapt, But the truth is,
half the work we do will never have a purpose
in life. Excuse me.

"welcome to your life,
may I take your order?"

Poor little guy, he was born old
and of constant sorrow.
Everything is possible yet has No purpose.
yeh life is hard n all its complications n conflicts
at the drive thru window.

"Excuse me, sir, sir, excuse me...
excuses, excuses...
excuse me, sir, sir...motherfucker"

Gotcha - I just try to adapt
to all These days in my life.
I've seen trouble.
I was born and raised on trouble.

My November is just like October
is just like all my days in my life.
Okay, thank you!
drive thru!

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