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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Modest Haggle [Today's News Poem, November 9, 2010]

A Modest Haggle [Today's News Poem, November 9, 2010]

Ground up beef's two bucks a pound,
Chicken breasts cost twice as much,
Babies sell for thirty thousand
Dollars; haggled on the lot.

Market forces drive the hunger:
Teeth desire to bite the difference,
Penises demand new hollows,
Arms have craved a new embrace.

Welcome son, this world is great!
Newer models fill the lot,
Older ones are junked to rust:
Pacifiers sell at any age.

"A Florida woman was charged with trying to sell her infant son in order to pay for a new car, police said on Tuesday. The baby's grandmother brokered the deal and initially demanded $75,000 but agreed to cut the price to $30,000 when told the prospective buyer could not get a bank loan, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said."
—Reuters, Tue Nov 9, 2010 2:52pm EST

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Brian Miller said...

dude there are some sick people in this world...and our greed...yeah. nice write.

moondustwriter said...

I agree with you and I don't
I invite people every week who were tentative to start a blog let alone let people read their stuff

I'm a writer and an editor- but you already knew that - I've been taking it and giving it for years.
Poetry is personal and for that reason I would prefer people ask than I blast away.
You will do what you wish of that I am certain
Do not however stand in chagrin when a writer choses to block you.

et pour vous - the poetry of today has degraded the class and style of those poets who precede us. Even a child is taught that "potty talk" belongs in the hmmm - the potty!!!

Anonymous said...

Will I can see I won't be back.
A wasted mouse click.

desk49 said...

I stopped by to see what is going on in your poetry blog.

I think I'll go along with Anonymous on his/her comment