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Friday, November 05, 2010

Forces of Nature [Today's News Poem, November 5, 2010]

Forces of Nature [Today's News Poem, November 5, 2010]

Ants can commune with the infants.
Crawling up bedposts to tickle
Toes kicked unswaddled, then nibble
Leftovers, lost in the panic.

Plumes in the air—who's astonished
Anymore? Flames seem triumphant,
Smoke seems the signal of kinship:
Lava the call, and flight the response.

"The death toll from Indonesia’s Mt. Merapi doubled Friday when rescue workers uncovered more than 50 victims who had succumbed to the latest blast of superheated gas from a fierce eruption that began late Thursday night. The eruption burned villages up to nine miles away from the volcano’s crater and forced authorities to widen the evacuation zone."
—Sara Schonhardt, Correspondent / November 5, 2010

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