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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Wissenschaft of Pleasure [Today's News Poem, October 15, 2010]

The Wissenschaft of Pleasure [Today's News Poem, October 15, 2010]

Limousines, caviar, aspirin, vomit on sheets—
The spats smell like whiskey; the mustache, like hookers.
Pinching the needles of glass from the places that stab
The cornea, ventricle, heel... all those slivers
Chide him, reward him by loosing. Relieved of their heat,
He rolls from the bed to his knees for the tumbler—
Empty! He glares at the hobo, an expert in face:
A halo of stubble surrounding his grimace,
Alcohol drool on a rented tuxedo; and gone—
All of it's gone, so he licks what he can off a mirror:
Violence, pleasure, recovery—limitless indulgence.

"On Friday, the U.S. Treasury took a soft line with Beijing—for the moment—by delaying the release of a report on whether China and other nations "manipulate" their currencies. The Treasury said the yuan has climbed more than 1% a month since Sept. 2, a pace that "if sustained...would help correct" what the U.S. considers an undervalued currency. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has talked approvingly of the 20% appreciation of the yuan between 2006-08, and has indicated that branding China a manipulator wouldn't accomplish anything. "
—BOB DAVIS and ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON, The Wall Street Journal, OCTOBER 16, 2010 Edition

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