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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We Passed Away [#twitterfoundpoem, October 5, 2010]

We Passed Away [#twitterfoundpoem, October 5, 2010]

Toxic Sludge Floods Several Hungarian Towns
well Sure, There are plenty of Towns in the sea,
But There are also sharks, seaweed, and toxic waste.
high-end sludge for you, Mr,
and a very alkaline, very caustic pH 13
detergent for me. having trouble now with toxic mud???
this is just the beginning!
Fire crews contain toxic gas leak,
Authorities say crews successfully neutralised a toxic mud leak
with my detergent:
it happens all the time.
time is beginning to leak.
That's OK though.
I have to Demand trouble,
But settle for a clean t-shirt
and a very caustic detergent that could burn
through clothes and rock my socks off
my feet and feet off legs!!
my detergent engulfs towns & burns people through their clothes,
But That's OK because
ha ha I'm better than you.
You get toxic waste and mud,
But I get my detergent.
That's OK though.
We will rock feet off legs
But That's OK.
We pissed it all away.
We passed it all away.
We pass away.

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1 comment:

Desert Rose said...

Nice flow..:)