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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Valuable Breakers [Today's News Poem, October 17, 2010]

The Valuable Breakers [Today's News Poem, October 17, 2010]

I looked for the valuables.
Swept up my mother's house.
Did all her dishes.
Picked up my nieces:
We drove to the ocean.
We walked on the sand
And I picked out a pebble
Of jadeite: all slick from the water.
It glistened. Yet both of them
Managed to share it;
Each one surrounding
Its smoothness with knuckles;
Before they had slipped it in pocket
And looked for another;
While I combed the breakers
For mussels and maybe an oyster—
Who knows? Sometimes the world is generous.

"The U.S. dollar is likely to remain weighed down this week by mounting expectations that the Federal Reserve will adopt new stimulus measures, and the pressures on the greenback are unlikely to ease until more details of the Fed's plans are known."
—KAREN JOHNSON And ROBERT FLINT, The Wall Street Journal, OCTOBER 18, 2010

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