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Monday, October 11, 2010

Trash Cycle [Today's News Poem, October 11, 2010]

Trash Cycle [Today's News Poem, October 11, 2010]

Elsewhere, they're landfilling
Lots for the offices:
Lead in the firmament
Sweating the excesses
Deeper than rivulets,
Under the glamorous
Surface of glossiness.
Closing the aperture,
Snapping the elements
Shut, with a fiberglass
Shield as the leftovers
Sprout up as carriers
Bearing the heaviest
Metals: the flowers of
Chromium, mercury.
Likewise its counterpart
Demonstrates streamlining.
Empty aluminum
Can with a colorful
Sham: who can emulate
Joy much less paint it on
Drinks? Is it currency?

"Hungarian police today arrested the managing director of the aluminum company behind the spill of toxic sludge that killed eight people, drove dozens from their homes and threatened to pollute the Danube River."
—Phil Cain, The Christian Science Monitor, October 11, 2010

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