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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strike Your Convenience [Today's News Poem, October 14, 2010]

Strike Your Convenience [Today's News Poem, October 14, 2010]

If first you don't trust it in windows on buses,
Try for the headlights—it's easier that way.
And glance, if you can, at the moon in your glasses:
Everything takes just a second, Your Honor.

Proper reflection possesses the properties

Of absolute gazes in infinite spaces.
Eyesight's returning, if ever it left you;
And brings you the halogens, flames—as you like it.
Remnants of stardust? That's corny, instead just

Think of the first time you stole. Yes. For everyone

Is certain a looter preceded them; breaking,
Stealing the best bits—so grab absolutely,
And slither through crowds; and yes, strike your convenience.
Bite and be bitten; go see and be sighted,

Ride and be ridden—bleed and be bled upon.

"The Pakistani police arrested a group accused of plotting to kill the prime minister and several senior government figures, security officials said Thursday. "
-- REUTERS, October 14, 2010

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