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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Steppenmancer [CombatWords Story, October 15, 2010: Satire] Revised

Steppenmancer [CombatWords Story, October 15, 2010: Satire] Revised Oct 16, 2010

A bundle of haywire nerves twitching, Ant flicked his his AR (short for Augmented Reality) shades off his face and surveyed the howling neon street. It looked just like that Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with all that rainbow colored trash blowing in the 'roid rage wind. The last time he had seen a rainbow was in two thousand and three, but that didn't bother Ant. To him, the world had looked dead for a long time.

He was going to be late. Ant pumped his legs past a nodding red doorman with plastic eyes. A parked corvette told Ant to "BACK OFF! THIS CAR IS PROTECTED BY VENOM!" A clean-shaven Caucasian with an erection touched Ant's forearm and directed his attention to The Golden Phallus. For these occasions, Ant carried an aerosol spray can filled with LSD: a pressurized jet blinded the man. Ant ran across the street as the light changed. The sidewalk wobbled and Ant almost lost his footing, but over the years he had developed a tolerance for the drug.

While sprinting across Union Square, Ant put his AR mirror-shades back on: it was almost time. He emptied his spray can into the crowd while his AR shades commented on the scene. The drug dealer doing handstands on his Segway (Calvert Jackson: Age 22; last known address...); a crystal prostitute with abcesses on her arms (Monika Spektor, Age 19; Amber alert in 2007...), he walked next to the podium and smiled at The Candidate's ex-Spec Ops bodyguard. As Ant's thumb depressed the detonator, he thought of all the heroes to come. After the revolution, they will dismantle the bombs. Just think: if one man can kill The Candidate, imagine what will happen when the whole world goes Anarchist.

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