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Sunday, October 31, 2010

State of the Union [CombatWords Story Repost, October 30, 2010]

State of the Union [CombatWords, October 30, 2010]

Once upon a time, criminals controlled America. And America? She was dying. And instead of renewing herself with a culture of life, she became increasingly obsessed with the culture of death. The death of honest work. The death of the American Dream... death of the Constitution—death of the very way of life and culture that had once made America so great. Life was expendable in those dark times and theft was the rule, not the exception. Honest people lived in terror, while murderers, thieves, propagandists and rapists dominated the courts, streets, media and even the presidency.

America was tired. It was tired and it had gotten lazy. The culture of death made criminals into heroes and honest, hard working citizens seem like fools. Young people learned to idolize the worst elements society had to offer. And then, on September Eleventh, two thousand and one, everything changed. Three million Americans perished in a single cloud of flame, when terrorists did the unthinkable and detonated a nuclear bomb in New York City.

But New York City survived. America rebuilt an exact replica her crown jewel. All save the World Trade Towers, as a symbol to ensure Americans never forgot that tragic day. Their loss is the permanent scar from a wound that will never close. Yet the pain from that scar reminded America that it was still alive! Real Americans took their country back.

Not surprisingly, the culture of death perished and a culture of life was revitalized. And now, America is optimistic again, working under a common vision. We took socialists at their word and put them to work in our factories, farms, and brothels for service men. Terrorist races were executed under the tragic, but necessary suspension of habeas corpus. America destroyed her enemies before her enemies destroyed her from the inside out.

Although much of the world still rallies against humanity's last, greatest hope, America has outlasted many terrorist civilizations and terrorist ideologies. And we're not alone in our quest to defend freedom. Our friends are stronger than ever; London, Greater Israel, and Australia have joined the coalition of the willing. We have liberated Canada, the former Latin American nations, and Europa—including The Fatherland—and laid ruin to Peking Man and the Mohammadan hordes. Americans live longer than ever and that's no surprise since we're the world's biggest importer of human organs. And we work harder than ever. What's in the secret sauce Uncle Sam? It's freedom my friends, freedom.

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