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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Castration Nation vs Yo(ga) Mama [#twitterfoundpoem, October 7, 2010]

Castration Nation vs Yo(ga) Mama [#twitterfoundpoem, October 7, 2010]

The Church of the Yoga moms arrested the police on a trumped-up/non-existent charge.
man, If their only intention was to kill And sell them eventually,
Why did they think that ordinary police doing ordinary police things
involves a crooked government?
Why did they feel it was necessary to include marital status and kill HUSBANDS?
The gospel of Yoga practice revolved around a "no police" mantra for the day.
The gospel of Yoga moms revolved around stylistic intentionality.
Is it sad that I think that Yoga moms are FASCISTS?
Is it sad that Yoga moms TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY?
I think so.
They don't save the children.
They just fuck their HUSBANDS OVER.
They save their Vanity
and arrested their so wrinkled
husbands' penises.
they feel it necessary TO TAKE OVER penises
so, of course
Yoga practice revolved around a "no candy" mantra.
save yourself.
ommmm... ommmm nom nom nom.

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