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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vapor Threat-Management [#twitterfoundpoem,September 20, 2010]

Vapor Threat-Management [#twitterfoundpoem,September 20, 2010]

being a dead employee ought to count for something:
one count of receiving all the paperwork
and one count of BO.
the boss caught wind of the massive
body odor sitting directly in front of him.
thanks, dead kid with the body odor of roasted dust.
thanks boss, for the trial period.
it is not cool,
But we will make it cool
and the office will smell of wilted flowers
and roasted, Rotting, Bloated, Corpse.

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1 comment:

K. D. Bryan said...

Wow, that was great!

I'm flattered to have at least partially inspired that. How does this work, exactly? Which Tweet of mine did you use?