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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Relapsarian State [Today's News Poem, September 11, 2010]

Relapsarian State [Today's News Poem, September 11, 2010]

Garden microbes. Summon spirits,
Organisms, parasites.
Seethe beneath the tranquil moon.
Mutilation makes it sweeter.

Simmer baskets filled with fingers,
Genitals and baby toes.
Baste beneath the neutral light;
Spirits call through jungle bushes.

Drink the smog and dump the cauldron.
Error under canopies.
Drink your share from festive cups
Pledge the rest to neutral spirits

Thin the locust dappled Eden.
Sacrificial apples: eaten.

“Five Americans — two doctors, two nurses and an organizer — who carried donated AIDS drugs to Zimbabwe for distribution to the poor were arrested Thursday and remained jailed in Harare on Saturday on a charge of dispensing the medicine without the supervision of a pharmacist or proper licenses, their lawyer said. ”
– CELIA W. DUGGER, The New York Times, September 11, 2010

“A CONTESTED confession of a man charged with child murder describes how he was promised R5000 to harvest human body parts from a living person. ”
–, 2010/09/09

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