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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Package Tours Through Spirit Worlds [Today's News Poem, September 18, 2010]

Package Tours Through Spirit Worlds [Today's News Poem, September 18, 2010]

Note the grubby toes his sandals expose.
Step inside and dodge the guard of the lodge:
Totems carved in trunks. This man is a drunk.
Still he leads the prayer to nature. The air
Stinks of hippie sweat. The tourists are wet.
Steam may conjure ghosts—our bearded guide hosts
Faces from the log: they rise from the fog.
Grizzly points through mist at me. I resist
Drinking water, rub my eyes. There's a cub
Now and both are scowling. “Hoot” and the owl
Flaps and feathers fall. I'm chapped and I call
Out, but others trance while spirits fly—dance
Right in front of me. “I own this! You see?”
This is worth the price; my money's worth—nice.
Every beast that hunted humans, we blunt.
Eat the trophy. Blood's delicious and mud
Waits beneath the creek to bathe us who seek
Wisdom from the dead: our gold for their lead.

“Following her tea party-fueled victory in Delaware’s GOP senate primary this past week, Christine O’Donnell has soared to national prominence faster than you can say “Sarah Palin.” In fact, many are likening O’Donnell to the mama grizzly herself. But some observers are beginning to see class as an issue within the GOP itself as it struggles to balance its traditional view of who should be in the club with the tea party insurgency that has notched significant wins over establishment Republican candidates in this year’s primary elections. ”
– Brad Knickerbocker, Staff Writer / September 18, 2010

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