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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Inflatable Human Skin Catsuit!!!! [#twitterfoundpoem, September 1, 2010]

Inflatable Human Skin Catsuit!!!! [#twitterfoundpoem, September 1, 2010]

What say you guys to a special edition brew?
a magical elixer to celebrate some seduction
that carries us through? We will float
in an ocean of lotion in prison
in the basket or We will get the hose again...
a special edition brew sounds pretty sweet
compared to Tomorrow, on standby.
a recursive version of us,
just in case We get out of prison...
a special edition magic potion
just in case our only recompense, after all of that
is lotion in the basket,
a hose again...
drinking my piss from a pail,
and becoming the most beautiful things in life
like felt made from my heart ...
You can repair stabs with stitches
and before you know it becomes a healed skin
Lust Object: a $1,000 Inflatable, Human skin Catsuit!!!!

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