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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chalk-Fruit of Knowledge [Today's News Poem, September 21, 2010]

Chalk-Fruit of Knowledge [Today's News Poem, September 21, 2010]

The schoolmaster claps her erasers together
And figurines form from the dust.
Each of them offers agenda; from pawn
To king. They're arrayed to do battle and whether
They like it or hate it, they must
Sit in their black and white rows on the lawn:
Apples of chalk that will sprout into saplings
Fruiting varieties ranging from blossom-
Dappled, to mealy potato. A garden
Board where agendas are set by the awesome
Eraser; where gardeners prune to alignment
Orchards of scrimmages: frozen assignment.

“But there is nothing within its halls or on its Web site that indicates what differentiates British International from the teeming masses of expensive private schools in New York: It is run for profit. ”
– JENNY ANDERSON, The New York Times, September 21, 2010

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2 comments: said...

I really this poem. The eraser, chalk, and chess concept are really woven together well. But it's the alliteration in line 2 that's just plain tight man. Also, I admire how it's structured. It flows and presents a great feel when read aloud. Bravo my friend! Bravo!

Jingle said...

very life oriented work.
lovely done!