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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Certainty Principle [Today's News Poem, September 23, 2010]

Certainty Principle [Today's News Poem, September 23, 2010]

Eye like the barrel.
Destroy what you see.
Uncertain as principle
Boxed with a kitten.

Bullet through passages
Emptied before you;
Hollow beyond you,
Gazing without you.

Photons or ammo
Puncture sight fancy.
Heads full of seeds:
Solids gone scattered.

Even your penis
Ruins its pleasure
While rooting for life.
Pray for sterility.

Worship perception.
Shatters become you.
Being and seeing;
Becoming and being.

“A 20-year-old Watsonville man allegedly pulled a gun on a motorist who yelled at him for using a cell phone while driving, police reported. ”
– Jennifer Squires - Santa Cruz Sentinel, 09/23/2010 02:27:56 PM PDT

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