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Friday, August 06, 2010

Stars of Wormwood for the Star of Wormwood [#twitterfoundpoem August 6, 2010]

Stars of Wormwood for the Star of Wormwood [#twitterfoundpoem August 6, 2010]

Revelations rises again! Bats are pouring into the woods!
somehow they are very good at spotting irony.
sum poor unlucky bastard is goin tu gt smite dwn by God
n or Jesus. what God n or Jesus don't know
is That star@wormwood takes a stab at the end
by Higgs Boson n Gamma Ray Bats!

for Every debunker God smites there's a
star@wormwood for Every star@wormwood!
for Every debunker God smites
The Cruel Sea drinks a glass of Jesus!

my late friend Moses is fried by Gamma Ray Science!
and Bats are pouring out of hell
carrying the shit out of Buddha and Mohammad!

you poor unlucky credulous bastard trusted
God etc and they Betrayed you!
God etc leads you down into the woods
and Gamma Ray Bats burst into your head
while red in tooth and claw mutant beasts like
the giant arachnid and a carnivorous small fawn
debunk as many Gods as there are Revelations!

ps: Bats rules! Buy their album!

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Steven Marty Grant said...

Holy god particle, what a great read! The cadence holds you off as you read and makes you absorb each line. very well done Sir!

Unknown said...

You have, as they say, got something here.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Thanks. This poem is a direct tribute of the Bats album Red in Tooth & Claw. It is based off my first impressions. What an amazing album... buy it!