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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Beautiful Swirl [#twitterfoundpoem, August 5, 2010]

Beautiful Swirl [#twitterfoundpoem, August 5, 2010]

an ant just bit my neck. vampiric or something?
I don't know. I do know I smells like antssss.
Ant in my tea mug made me spill tea on my ant-infested laptop.
Woot!!! antssss bleed from my nose.
sneezed out a lung and antssss crawled
all over it!!! they call me their Avatar
bcuz they controls my mind lol.
i see antssss drip from my ears
to the table. I feel so happy
and they are so cute. The horrors of the home
magnified over a million times,
form a pattern of blood, lung,
and antssss on my table.
everything is a beautiful swirl.

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