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Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Authenticity [#twitterfoundpoem, July 31, 2010]

True Authenticity [#twitterfoundpoem, July 31, 2010]

it does not move in
it does not move out.
ur life hmmmmm... appears to be
an authentic replica.
ur Blood plasma is deadly-looking.
and ur life hmmmmm... STANDS STILL!

Let's Drain ur life hmmmmm...
Let's Still u in this hospital bed.
Let's Needle galore holes on ur body
Let's sample test, just Wait for DrWorm.

everything in Nature is an authentic replica
imitating everything. everything is accomplished
Imitating Nature and workaholic DrWorm has found purpose
for useless u! she's Weaponized ur Blood plasma!

ur a replica modeled after medieval instruments of death.
u do not move, yet have accomplished more by doing
Nothing. ur a true, authentic replica of life hmmmmm...

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