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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trampled by We [#twitterfoundpoem July 24, 2010]

Trampled by We [#twitterfoundpoem July 24, 2010]

dont be friendly with 'm 'm mass panic.
in india the hindus trample themselve,
in 'm mecca the muslims
and now in germany, those that listen to cheap 'm 'm 'm 'm music.
be friendly with enemies.
Okay, maybe not kittens for enemies,
But goose stepping cheap music mass panic
could definitely trample a bed of pretty kittens right now, though.
Okay, maybe the RIOT grilled kittens taste good
to The mob! maybe cheap 'm 'm music 'm 'm mass panic
and religious frenzies make good enemies.
be friendly with enemies because enemies are stupid we
Anyway, cattle prod to the testicles ends
all good Riots. and like all good
religions of Fear, trampling a bed of pretty flowers
ends all good people.

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