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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recovering Predator Sympathy [Today's News Poem, July 27, 2010]

Recovering Predator Sympathy [Today's News Poem, July 27, 2010]

Even if somehow I managed to peel
Fat from my body and loosened my tongue
(Better for you—if not perfect appeal),
Managed to follow you—college at Reed—

Leaving all else for a chance at your love...
Let's say I won it and after degrees,
Married that June with a Chuppah above.
Innocence saved with you—both of us kids;

Older, not jaded, not blundering fools
Seeking the bitterness; searching to taste
Passion as first we had felt at our school—
Losing that self to the madness of self.

And I was in a bubble.
And I did not notice what was beyond
the world of my making.
And even our fantasies disappoint us.
And when life finally reaps our innocence by motorcycle
and our brother nearly dies
and our niece dies,
you tell me they were not mine to lose
and that we were never truly together
and that you cannot live with the potential for loss
and that we will never have children at all
and that I must learn to love predators again
and that I must teach you with alienation
and that I must leave you.

“A man newly arrived at San Quentin State Prison after being convicted of murder and drunken driving in the death of a 9-year-old Novato girl was fatally stabbed by another inmate, authorities said today... The suspect is Frank Anthony Souza, 31, a convicted murderer from San Jose... Souza was convicted in Santa Clara County Superior Court of first-degree murder for fatally strangling and beating John Carl Riggins, 59, who was homeless, in an alley near Lincoln Avenue in San Jose in August 2007. The two men had gotten into a confrontation after Souza stole Riggins' mountain bike, authorities said.”
– Henry K. Lee, The San Francisco Chronicle, July 27, 2010

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