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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Prelapsarian Pity [Today's News Poem, July 7, 2010]

Prelapsarian Pity [Today's News Poem, July 7, 2010]

Kittens amuse themselves swatting at movement;
Pitying humans. Beyond my lapsarian
State, I see flickers of something I seek to
Tame; to possess. They mature. My agrarian
Masters of vermin; the servants of silos—
Lords of the tiny: they rest with an animal
Ease that I envy beside me. I struggle
Nightly in sweat, in a nightmare of criminal
Urges against my own God. I praise nature:
Distant. My knowledge is too insurmountable:
Lethe sends its greetings with blood and with feathers,
Pigeons in pancakes all hold me accountable;
The cats at the window await for the omen
We're blind to—that hides in the cycle of season.

“Dubbed the psychic octopus, the English-born Paul (hatched at the Sea Life Park in Weymouth) has correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup results including the 1-0 defeat last night. He predicted Germany's wins against England and Argentina, and even Serbia's defeat of Germany in the group stage... Paul's handlers at Aquarium Sea Life in the western city of Oberhausen have turned him into a betting phenomenon by putting mussels into two glass boxes, with one box having Germany's flag while the other carries the flag of their opponents. Paul is then left to choose one box to open to retrieve the mussel.”
– Mark Tran, The Guardian, July 8, 2010 Edition

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