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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old Stank Ass Scent of Evil [#twitterfoundpoem July 20, 2010]

Old Stank Ass Scent of Evil [#twitterfoundpoem July 20, 2010]

How do you live smelling so horrible?
everything seems elite and posh, but it is only superficial.
fine dining is still fingering a chicken drumstick from KFC!
there are more churches than liquor stores...
and I can't get the smell of this place off me!

are we turning evil or have we succumbed
to some degenerate lifestyle? You promised
me a SCENT of evil, but How Did I get
to be as sadistic an old man as you already?
everything is still superficial.
afraid niggaz will steal yo KFC franchise?
Sic yo liquor stores on 'em!
tryna take a piece off me! so I got some Slave slants
for pennies a day... Wait, what am i sayin?
everything is still superficial,
I can't get that OLD STANK ass SCENT of evil off me;
There are more slaves today than ever before in human history,
and we all are slaves.

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