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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drunk Fuck Anti-Christ Friends [#twitterfoundpoem, July 17, 2010]

Drunk Fuck Anti-Christ Friends [#twitterfoundpoem, July 17, 2010]

get out of this awful city.
Go Party today in the wilderness.
You loved it? the wilderness? nature and stuff??
Wow! That's impressive.
You really are the anti-christ.
well guess what??
the hunt for precious life starts today!!!!
Hunt this awful city:
go fishing for a regular people,
with dollars, from rooftops.
lead your friends, the killer elk,
Back home to your neighborhood.
drive them Back home if you must.
may You, God, and your drunk fuck anti-christ friends
Crash into some power boxes
and burn the awful city
into a beautiful wilderness.

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